Published On: Mon, Jan 18th, 2010

Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor

Trodden upon by Fast Eddie Clarke, Marc Ford and Matt Schofield, Finlands Mad Professor pedals are becoming one of Europes hippest names in guitar effects. Review by Huw Price

This interesting compressor covers an awful lot of ground. At very low Compr settings the effect is extremely subtle, simply limiting the transient peaks without messing with your tone or dynamic response. Fingerpickers will love this as it does a wonderful job of tidying up sloppy technique.
Edging Compr up with a T-type was sheer country perfection. Notes popped right off the fingerboard and that vintage-style Fender quack became even more apparent. If you’ve ever struggled to play those pedal steel licks or Jerry Donahue tricks smoothly, the FGC is a solution to your problems. Playing single-note leads with a clean tone gets much easier because there’s no longer any rapid decay; instead, held notes appear to swell and bloom, like a piano with the sustain pedal engaged.
At extreme Compr settings the FGC gets very squished… an amazing effect for funk rhythm and Frusciante riffing or soloing. It’s not just punchy – it’s more like a fat-fingered poke in the eye.
As a long-time Boss CS-2 owner I expected the Sustain mode to be even more extreme, but it’s the opposite. This switch resets the compression mode’s default fast attack/slow release for a slower attack, allowing the transient attack of your guitar to come through un-compressed, then the FGC kicks in to slow the rate of decay. If you compensate for any volume drop or even add boost using the level control, you get a clean boost with enhanced sustain without losing the natural feel of your guitar. Need extra cut? The Tone knob enhances highs without sounding edgy or hyped.


If you're a fan of compression, it's hard to fault the Forest Green. From subtle containment to brick-wall limiting, it provides stompbox-style compression without the usual accompanying noise and tone corruption. If you still feel you need something more transparent than this, you should probably ask yourself if you actually need compression at all.

Build Quality Playability Sound Value Vibe Score
16 18 18 14 18 84

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