Published On: Wed, May 19th, 2010

Lakewood A-18CPG Electro

Lakewoods new, specially-selected UK range offers all solid woods and attractive designs together with a distinctive and very likeable European sound. Review by Jerry Uwins

Lakewood's new acoustic

The availability of Lakewood guitars in Blighty has been
undeservedly patchy over recent years, but the appointment last spring
of Synergy Distribution
has thankfully changed all that. To concentrate the brand’s focus here,
the German maker and Synergy have formulated a presently eight-strong
of models with specifications exclusive to the UK, denoted by
a ‘G’ suffix in the catalogue designations. Certain details differ from
equivalent models in Germany, but all instruments remain solid woods



In this cutaway electro guise the spruce/ovangkol A-18CP doesn’t exist in the German catalogue – that distinction is reserved for a variant of the cheaper mahogany-backed A-14. Still, the highly unusual A-18CPG is something of a masterstroke: it’s a compact, 12-frets-to-body instrument with both cutaway and pickup system as standard – collectively features normally the preserve of bespoke, custom-made acoustics.


The most inspired aspect is the cutaway, allowing a reach comparable with non-cutaway 14-fretters on a guitar that retains a 12-fretter’s intrinsic poise.


Lakewood's new acoustic

In size the A-style comes at just under 15" across the lower bouts, and has an elegant tight-waisted profile. The rims, though not as deep as the M’s, are still quite generous at 113mm down by the baseblock. The open-pore finish is similar to the other instrument’s, while the body binding is yew.


As on the M-32G, timber quality looks excellent, especially the pristinely clean, nicely cross-silked European spruce top. The neck, save for its slot headstock, open-geared tuners and micro-dot markers, is pretty much a ringer for the M’s, so again this is very much pickers’ territory.



Powering is Lakewood‘s dual-source Sonic System comprising a Shadow Nanoflex undersaddle transducer and a Nanomag magnetic pickup, the latter installed in a rout under the upper reaches of the fingerboard, before the neck is fitted. The system is controlled by a soundhole panel with blend slider, volume and tone thumbwheels, and a latched compartment for two long-life 3V lithium batteries.



Lakewood's new acousticThough the A-18CPG has a more demure sound than the bigger-bodied M, it has a pleasingly fluid, lyrical unplugged voicing with an engaging purity of tone combining gently sparkling highs and a satisfyingly warm lower-end bloom. Very becoming.


It’s no powered slouch, either, the Sonic System supplying a near-seamless progression between the brighter-voiced Nanoflex and the creamier, jazzier timbre of the Nanomag. Mixing the blender and tone settings reveals an impressively varied – and high quality – range of tones.



Unless you're put off by the open-pore finishes, these UK-dedicated Lakewoods are desirable pro-grade pickers built to the company's usual exacting standards. The A-18CPG straddles vintage and modern - acoustically and powered - in a way precious few off-the-shelf 12-fretters do. A rare find, in fact

Build Quality Playability Sound Value Vibe Score
18 18 18 18 18 90

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