Published On: Tue, Jan 5th, 2010

Eventide Pitchfactor

Eventide made its name back in the 80s with a line of studio-quality rackmount effects, and now the best sounds have been crammed into three stompboxes. Review by Huw Price

This pedal comes closest to the signature sounds of the great Eventide harmonisers. On this pedal, Diatonic shifts the pitch by selecting an interval based on the key and scale that you select. Quadravox is similar, but delivers up to four selectable pitch-shifted voices instead of two. We had fun with these, and with the HarModulator setting.
The remaining modes get even better. MicroPitch is a wonderfully metallic chorus-type effect with a bathroomy ambience at higher feedback settings. H910/H949 is similar, but a fat lushness takes over and you can mess with the pitch offsets and delay settings for extreme effects. PitchFlex is designed to be used with an expression pedal for wild whammy effects, and if you stick to fifths on the low strings your guitar will sound like a church organ. The Octava is awesome, tracking notes and bends faultlessly, and it includes a fuzz effect – but it’s more brassy synth than guitar-like. Crystal sounds like a pad on a Roland D50 synth, where angelic choirs mingle with tubular bells and Japanese kotos in a nonsensical 1980s sort of way.
HarPeggiator comes over like the arpeggiator function on an analogue synth, and the Synthonizer sounds like the flatulant, self-pitying Minimoog whine that prog rock bands once deemed an acceptable substitute for the guitar solo – but it actually becomes pretty cool when you can do it on a guitar. All things considered, this is the most intriguing and enjoyable pedal of the lot.


Build Quality Playability Sound Value Vibe Score
18 20 19 14 16 87

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