Published On: Mon, Dec 7th, 2009

Digitech SC-2 Valve Distortion

The SC-2 is a cool vintage distortion – with two modes and tube-like qualities, the SC-2 has plenty of edge to slice through the room.

The Digitech Hardwire Series: SC-2 Valve Distortion

 The SC-2 has a similar layout to the CM-2 but this time the mini-toggle switch selects between Crunch and Saturated modes. On the Crunch setting it’s immediately apparent that the sound is more trebly than on the CM-2, with a tighter, more focused sound. Setting the Gain to three o’clock and boosting the low end resulted in a cool AC/DC tone that would cut through the mix at a gig very nicely. Taking the low end out and adding some highs gave us a modern bite that would suit the more staccato styles of indie rock, plus a bit of punk if you chuck a P90 at it. The Saturated mode kicks in a bit more anger but the pedal retains its more vintage characteristics throughout.


With this standard of construction and this quality of the sound, Digitechs Hardwire pedals should cost lots of money but they dont. Sure, you can buy a plastic 15 overdrive if you want to, but its only a matter of time before it goes down. With these you should feel confident enough to fix them straight onto your pedalboard without hesitation. The SC-2 is a cool vintage distortion thats great for punk, classic rock and boosting a sagging amp. Digitech has set a new standard for the others to follow.

Build Quality Playability Sound Value Vibe Score
20 18 18 18 18 92

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