Published On: Mon, Dec 7th, 2009

Digitech RV-7 Stereo Reverb

The Digitech RV-7 Stereo Reverb: near-high end rack unit quality

The Digitech Hardwire Series: Rv-7 Stereo ReverbIf you think that reverb pedals are the preserve of quiffy gentlemen with Bigsby-loaded Gretsches, maybe the RV-7 will change your mind. The seven available modes include the classic Spring, Hall, and Room types that will have you playing the James Bond theme and possibly Apache or the Arctic Monkeys (depending on your age), but delve deeper and you’ll find much more.
The Reverse setting is cool for alternative rock, especially if you turn the Level knob (Dry/Wet) completely clockwise and whack up the Decay control for instant quirky ambience. There’s also a ‘modulated’ setting that can add a gentle shimmer, increasing the quality of clean playing and deepening the sound. Hidden inside the casing is a Tails switch which selects whether the effect tails off after you’ve switched the pedal off or straight away – very useful for using the effect for short passages of songs, although it would be better on the top of the pedal like all the other mini-toggles. Pretty much every option sounds great, and with stereo outputs you might find that this pedal becomes invaluable.


With this standard of construction and this quality of the sound, Digitech's Hardwire pedals should cost lots of money - but they don't. Sure, you can buy a plastic 15 overdrive if you want to, but it's only a matter of time before it goes down. With these you should feel confident enough to fix them straight onto your pedalboard without hesitation. The RV-7 is a box full of high-quality fun and should last a lifetime too. Digitech has set a new standard for the others to follow.

Build Quality Playability Sound Value Vibe Score
20 20 20 18 18 96

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