Published On: Mon, Jun 8th, 2009

Crafter TM045 Acoustic guitar review

Acoustic Guitar review. The TM045 Acoustic by Crafter

Apart from being non-cutaway and not an electro, the TM045 is essentially the same as the TMC035 save for a couple of trim upgrades which, if one were comparing prices with the non-cut TM035 acoustic version, add £50 to the bill. Hexagon ‘board markers in modern 45 Style replace the snowflakes and are done in abalone rather than mother of pearl, which also applies to the top purfling and rosette inlay. Beyond that we’re looking at the same smartly turned out solid spruce/rosewood veneered construction, the same antiqued tuners, and a similar-width neck, albeit one that’s shade deeper in profile. It’s an equally fine player and likewise very nicely set up.

Predictably, there’s not a lot to choose between the two guitars. Perhaps benefiting from the absence of cutaway, the TM045 has a subtly more open and resonant attack, but it’s marginal and the tonal traits are broadly very much on a par.


As with their T-Series predecessors, it's almost certain that the TM35s will outsell the 45 variants. Substituting abalone for pearl is frankly neither here nor there, and you may, as I do, prefer the 35?s more laid-back snowflakes anyway. Still, these two guitars are well priced, have excellent necks and sprightly unplugged sounds, while the TMC035 throws in a very serviceable electro system. Just as persuasive, perhaps is that you?ll be buying into attractive slot-head designs - something that, right now, hardly anyone else is doing on this style of acoustic.

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