Published On: Mon, Dec 7th, 2009

Corvo Leather straps

Tasteful but chunky, Corvo straps are the real-cow dangle systems you can afford

It seems a strange quirk in the average guitarist’s psychological make-up that we’re happy to buy endless pedals, gadgets and of course guitars, but we balk at spending decent money on a quality guitar strap – especially when you consider that they can alleviate back pain, shoulder strain and simply make it more comfortable to play standing up.

Corvo straps are designed in the UK and stitched together in Europe, and come in a variety of designs ranging from elegant natural colours with a movable shoulder pad (such as the traditional ’60s-type Tay model at the bottom of our picture), up to wide, multi-patterned ones with thread loop adjusters and pick pockets (the Lomond, centre) and slightly rockier designs like the Marree (top) with circular holes revealing colour-contrasting leather behind. They’re long enough to get your Les Paul down to the level of your knees, strong enough to keep it there all night, and the ends have been thoughtfully thinned. The stitching is thick and neat, the padding is soft, and the new 2.5mm leather has that lovely creak that makes you think you’re playing on the deck of an old pirate ship.


With prices starting as low as 29.50 you'd be crazy to stick with that horrible old black polyester freebie you got when you bought your first guitar. Corvo's leather straps are nice and traditional in design and display a level of quality that means they'll last you a heck of a long time. There's also an extra long' option at no added cost whatsoever. Do your back and image a favour, and investigate one of these with all speed.

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