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Guitar and Bass Classics – Back Issues

Guitar & Bass Classics brings you the best of the best in string-driven culture. Whether it’s the finest instruments, the greatest players or the legendary songs, this new series of bookazines from Anthem Publishing provides knowledge, insight and sheer guitar-lovin’ pleasure in a luxurious, easy-to-read package.

Here’s a list of the latest issues:

Guitar and Bass

Guitar Recording Bible – Buy or Subscribe Here

There was a time when no guitar player – regardless of their status – had any real control over how their parts were laid down. It was the job of technicians (sometimes actually wearing white coats) to make all the pertinent judgements as to how they would sound on vinyl. Over the years, thankfully, technological advances mean that musicians can now make their own choices regarding every aspect of their sound.

This kind of power, however, means a lot more decisions to make and things to learn – and that’s where this Guitar Recording Bible comes in. Just to be clear, although we dip a toe into digital technology here and there, this publication has an unashamed bias towards what is now considered to be ‘old-school’ ways. For example, the importance of the recording room, microphone placement, and even recording to tape are all covered in these pages. It’s not that we’re against that new-fangled technology; we just feel that learning the basic principles (as well as plenty of top-notch industry secrets) will stand guitar players in good stead…

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Guitar Amp Bible – Buy or Subscribe Here

Ah, these mysterious things we call ‘amps’. Without them, playing the electric guitar would be fairly pointless, and the sheer power and beauty of the sounds they can make would have been lost to humanity. In this magazine we celebrate the guitar amp in all its many forms, and the people who’ve built them so gosh-darned well that plugging in and playing is one of life’s greatest pleasures. There are plenty of stories regarding how amps have created and shaped guitar-based music, and how they have developed over the years.

There are also some tips and tricks on how best to look after and improve your amp, so it does the business for you in the best possible way. And, by jingo, there’s plenty of eye candy to be had in the pages that follow. We hope amp lovers everywhere get plenty from this special issue and that, even with all the technological advancements, gizmos and gadgets that exist today, no one forgets the joys of simply plugging a guitar into an amp and playing the hell out of both…

Ultimate Vintage Guitar Collections – Buy or Subscribe Here

How many guitars have you got? We’re guessing more than one. Any gigging guitarist is going to have at least two; anyone who plays more than one style is going to have at least two… Many people have a few more. In the world of guitars, accumulating instruments seems to be the rule rather than the exception. It’s part of the life.

As a guitar player, this won’t be a shock to you. It does, however, seem to come as a surprise to people who play other instruments. They will often have the instrument they learned to play on, alongside the ‘good one’ they use all the time. But when you ask them how many instruments they actually possess (and believe me, we do ask them at every possible opportunity) they tend to look at you funny, as if the very idea of owning half a lorry load of violas, saxophones, or whatever, really hadn’t occurred to them.

Well, that’s up to them, but we consider guitar collections to be rather wonderful things – and acquiring guitars to be a righteous way of life. This Collection Special celebrates their majesty in as many different forms as space would allow. As you read through this edition, you’ll be treated to a truly breathtaking number of beautiful guitars of all different kinds. And the stories behind the collections are all well worth the read too. Indeed, that’s what makes it all so magical.

We think you will enjoy this particular issue…

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Nineties Guitar Anthology – Buy or Subscribe Here

If you’re of a certain age (and don’t worry, we’re right there with you), it might seem as if the 1990s was only yesterday. However, even the quickest of looks at the guitar players featured in this Anthology will remind you that it’s a very different musical landscape than the one we see today. In the days before YouTube and MP3s heated debates on the merits of widdly guitar solos vs punk rock rawness, classic pop melodies vs new-fangled dance sensibilities raged among musicians and music lovers alike.

The result was a vibrant melting pot of styles, where guitar players were free to interpret their role as they saw fit, incorporating whatever techniques and technology they needed to get the job done. This collection of interviews conducted during the 1990s provides fascinating insights into what drove some of the pivotal six-stringers of the time. Be warned: if you’re looking for what these people think about the 1990s two decades on, or what they are up to now, then this Anthology isn’t for you.

And to just to address some further bits of housekeeping: yes, we do know that the first albums from the likes of The Stone Roses and Nirvana actually appeared in the late 80s. However, you can’t deny the influence these artists had on the following decade and, to a great extent, made 1990s guitar playing as much about being a mindset as it was about being created and released within certain dates on the calendar…


Acoustic Guitar Bible – Buy or Subscribe Here

Portable… accessible… humble… beautiful… If you’re reading this, chances are that you won’t need tellin’ that acoustic guitars are flippin’ great. This special publication chronicles, appreciates and – on plenty of occasions – salivates over the endless combinations of wood’n’wire that have enriched human existence. We highlight a lorryload full of instruments, makers, players and tunes that showcase the celestial heights the acoustic guitar has achieved over the years.

We’re all for enjoying the charms and exploring the possibilities of the acoustics’ electric cousin, but there’s just something so darned moreish and magical about playing acoustic that we’d never think about giving that up. And in these modern times, if you want to plug your acoustic into an amp and/or some effects pedals it’s all very straightforward – and there won’t be an outcry for you to be burned at the stake as a heretic!

So whether you’re a picker, a plucker or a strummer (and if you are an acoustic player who isn’t any of the above consider yourself gloriously deviant) of any level whatsoever, then please have a good wallow in these pages. And know that you’re part of vibrant musical heritage that’s enjoying a true renaissance – and looks like it’s going to enjoy a vital future…

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