Published On: Wed, Jul 2nd, 2014

Guitar and Bass Classics – Gibson Les Paul Bible

Guitar and Bass Classics – Gibson Les Paul Bible is on sale now. The ultimate guide to one of the finest guitar models of all time. We explore the history, design, usage and legacy of this classic.




Can you imagine a world without Gibson Les Pauls? No, we can’t either; in fact let’s not dwell on it, as the very notion is likely to give you nightmares. Instead let’s celebrate this wonderful guitar in as many ways as possible – which is what this publication is all about. The Gibson Les Paul Bible chronicles the history of this legendary electric six-string, the company that made it, and the many musicians (including the great Les Paul himself) who have played their part in ensuring the instrument’s place in history.

This special issue can be read and enjoyed by anybody, anywhere, at any time, but we heartily recommend you have a Les Paul (or some great LP-driven music) close at hand; if you don’t understand why now, then trust us, you will as you read onwards. The Les Paul in all its forms has inspired many a player and has generally made the world a better place; we hope it’s brought joy to your life too, and that you enjoy the stories inside…


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