Published On: Tue, Apr 30th, 2013

Tom Doyle Shows Off Early Gretsch 6120 Black Sealed Top Prototype!

Les Paul’s luthier, sound engineer and confidant has revealed a true piece of Gretsch guitar history

Tom Doyle (Les Paul's luthier, sound man, and close friend of over 45 years) has decided now is the time  to reveal this stunning early 6120 Black Sealed Top Prototype guitar made famous when Chet Atkins played it on Dark Eyes.

This guitar has been described as 'the precursor for all things to come in the future with the relationship of Chet and Gretsch… its this guitar that started it all!'

Here is Gretsch's Joe Carducci working on the guitar.

Here's the info…
"This guitar is the very essence and the embryo of all things to come as far as Chet and Gretsch… there would be no 6120, there would be no Country Gentleman, no George Harrison Model, no Brian Setzer, etc, etc…  Gibson had Les Paul, and Gretsch had Chet Atkins… this guitar was the beginning of it all. So you can see that this is way more than just a guitar… its a piece of history.

Joe Carducci, Gretsch Guitar's Senior Product Manager came to inspect and evaluate The Original Chet Atkins 6120 Prototype Black Sealed Top with Gold F Holes at Tom Doyle's Custom Guitar Shop.

He called it "The Holy Grail" as far as all things Gretsch guitars are concerned… and he and Gretsch have decided to make a reproduction of the guitar to offer in their upcoming Chet Atkins Professional Collection."


Here's a video shot in Tom Doyle's studio when Gretsch's Joe Carducci went to see the guitar in early April 


Here's Chet Atkins performing "Dark Eyes"

Further info on Tom Doyle –  



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