Published On: Fri, May 20th, 2011

Timber Tones

Exotic arboreal picks go multi-pack for discerning pluckers pleasure.

Timber Tones are now offering their range of wooden plectrums in multi-packs. "Originally sold separately, these luxury plectrums, made from 18 exotic hardwoods from around the world, are now offered in packs of the same four tone-woods, or mixed packs of four woods for Acoustic or Electric Guitar, thus allowing the guitarist to purchase a quartet of their favourite hand oiled luxury plectrums in one swoop" – so it says in their superlative-laden press release.

Furthermore: "Acoustic and jazz players have commented on the natural mellow response of the Santos Rosewood, bass players love the hard-as-iron percussive attack of the Lignum Vitae, whilst Electric players are enjoying the clean crisp hardness of the Ebony."

Hmm, quite.

Talking of Ebony, they've also just released a new series of laminated picks (see main picture) aimed squarely at lead strummers. Called 'Tri-Tones', these new designs are ideal [it says here] "…for Lead Guitarists who require the hardness of the Ebony on the playing tip but also need the better feel and grip given to them by the softer outer woods."

Ingenious, and certainly a lot prettier than the drawer-full of red plastic I have at home.

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