Published On: Wed, Dec 2nd, 2009

The Les Paul Steps Into The Future

The new Gibson Dark Fire is being heralded as ‘the most technologically advanced guitars ever.’

Gibson’s Dark Fire is being heralded as ‘the most technologically advanced guitar ever’. The auto-tuning features of the Robot have been updated and improved, meaning the Dark Fire can re-tune in less than a second; the tuner casings are much smaller, and the battery now lasts twice as long. Gibson have also mixed in elements of its digital guitar, making this instrument almost infinitely versatile. You can now change pickups and even coils from the master control knob and set the thing to change tunings automatically during a song. The Robot Interface Pack connects you to your computer, carrying separate outputs of each string along with a composite piezo output. All of the Dark Fire’s innards can be removed quickly and easily, meaning that when upgrades appear they’ll slot straight in. A wireless bluetooth device is on the way, too. It’s a guitar, Jim… but not as we know it.



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