Published On: Tue, Mar 2nd, 2010

Sweet Sixteens

PRS have released their Sweet 16 Amps In The UK

PRS have added two new new amps to their UK range and by all accounts they match their name. The 6V6 tube-powered Sweet 16 is equipped with reverb, treble, mid and bass EQ, Bright switch and a transparent PRS master volume circuit making for a warm tone and a responsive feel. All the circuit boards have been hand assembled and utilize shielded cable, and all pots, switches, jacks and power valve sockets are chassis mounted and connected to flying leads. The four pre-amp tubes include two NOS Philips 12ATV7s, a JJ’s ECC83S and a Tung Sol Reissue 12AX7. These are compact units that punch above their weight and while they come at a price, they’re well worth a look.

The combo houses a Celestion G12H-30 speaker and a 1 X 12″ extension speaker cabinet.

Sweet 16 Head: 2299

Sweet 16 Combo: 2499

Sweet 16 X 12″ cabinet: 699

For a video demo go here

see or visit for further details.

Sweet 16 Head



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