Published On: Mon, Dec 12th, 2011

Rolling Stones Honour Hubert Sumlin

The Rolling Stones are paying their respects to Sumlin by footing the bill for his funeral

The Rolling Stones have insisted that they pay for legendary blues guitarist Hubert Sumlin's funeral. Both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are lifelong fans of the legendary guitarist who passed away on 4 December.

"I just wanted to share with you, Hubert's loving fans, that have insisted on picking up the full expenses for Hubert's funeral,' said Sumlin's manager. 'God bless the Rolling Stones.'

Richards had previously invited Sumlin to play on his solo album in 2005.

The band's love of Sumlin can be clearly seen in the statement they issued following his death:

'Hubert was an incisive yet delicate blues player,' said Jagger's statement. 'He had a really distinctive and original tone and was a wonderful foil for Howlin' Wolf's growing vocal style… He was an inspiration to us all.'

'Warm, humourous and always encouraging, he was agentleman of the first order,' stated Richards. 'Miss him, yes, but we have records. All my condolences to his family. One love, Hubert.'




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