Published On: Thu, Feb 11th, 2010

Rocktron release Boutique and Reaction Series Effects

Rocktron have released their new Boutique andf Reaction series pedals and they look as good as they sound.

The latest pedals from Rocktron cover all the bases. If it’s full-on metal you’re after, then the Boutique Series (135) should cater for all your needs, and with names like Third Angel Distortion, Black Rose Octaver and VII Deadly Sins Auto Wah, they should fit in any true headbangers’ set-up perfectly. For those who prefer their effects of a more traditional ilk, the Reaction Series (95)should do the job. With their ‘rugged metal slim form chassis’ maximizing space more experimental guitarists can line them all up and still have room for a tuner – the range includes Chorus, Digital Delay and Phaser.

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