Published On: Fri, Sep 9th, 2011

New Valvetronix Pro VTX300 Neodymium

Vox have released the latest addition to their Valvetronix Range

VOX Amplification introduce the Limited Edition VTX300 Neodymium package to their Valvetronix Pro range of modeling amps, made up of  the VTX150 Neodymium combo, the V112-NE Extension Cabinet and the VC-12SV foot controller

Here's what Vox say:

The three-piece VTX300 provides top-of-the-line VOX modeling, unbelievable power, and expansive foot control in a modern stack design.

The foundation of the system is the VTX150 Neodymium Red combo amp. This flagship model of the Valvetronix Pro Series boasts the next-generation EL84-driven VOX Valve Reactor, 44 amp models, plus a diverse selection of effects.

Paired with the matching V112-NE Extension Cabinet, this system delivers an impressive 300 Watts of power. Both the amp and matching cabinet are equipped with lightweight and powerful VOX NeoDog (Celestion Neodymium Magnet) 12" speakers.

Also included is the advanced VC-12SV foot controller, which in addition to providing extensive hands-free control, also doubles the number of user programs from eight to sixteen.

Power and Versatility
The versatile VTX300 provides plenty of power, even without additional mic’ing, such as in a club performance or a small to medium concert.

The two pieces can be stacked vertically, or spread them horizontally to obtain a wider sound. Of course, the VTX150 can also be used alone as a combo amp, offering plenty of flexibility for any situation.

Both units – the VTX150 and the V112-NE – feature a single VOX NeoDog 12" speaker. Made by Celestion and driven by powerful neodymium magnets, these speakers are able to efficiently reproduce every nuance of the Valve Reactor modeling plus the subtleties of the power amp circuit, as well as delivering an awesome sense of power.

These speakers are also lightweight, allowing for easy transportation.

Sounds for Every Style
The VTX300 Neodymium boasts an amazing collection of 44 distinct amp models – a new milestone for Valvetronix amplifiers. The sonic character of numerous guitar amps loved around the world has been meticulously analyzed in order to faithfully reproduce the sound quality of each original amp.

These include coveted amps of the past, costly high-end tube amps, modern ultra high-gain amps and new models created exclusively for the Valvetronix Pro Series. With 300 Watts of power, the VTX300 can create a lustrous clean sound, making this package an ideal choice for the jazz or fusion guitarist as well.

Performance Control
The VC-12SV large-format foot controller provides two sweep pedals and a number of switches to control not only volume and wah, but also numerous other functions such as the parameters of each effect, offering a formidable amount of performance power.

The VC-12SV foot controller also increases the number of user programs from eight (the number available without using the foot controller) to sixteen. The LED display is highly visible, even during performance.

Everything You Need
In addition to the visual impact of a combo stack, the looks are further enhanced by flame-line accents in red anodized aluminum for a dynamite stage presence.

Easy to set up, and offering the versatility of both sound and power required to perform in nearly any venue, the VTX300 Neodymium is the complete package offering the finest in Valvetronix modeling.

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