Published On: Fri, Jun 21st, 2013

New M75 Super Badass Distortion Pedal

100% analogue from the M75 Super Badass Distortion

When MXR sent news that they were unleashing the new M75 Super Badass Distortion, we immediately looked down at our feet and asked: 'Is there really room for another distortion pedal in our arsenals?'

We then saw what this little silver box can do and rapidly changed our minds. It's a versatile little animal with Treble, Mid and Bass controls and certainly harnesses a fair bit of power.

Take a look and have a listen. We'll wager a fair few of you might give it a punt!

Here's the info…

Designed by the award-winning MXR Custom Badass team, the Super Badass Distortion puts decades of 100% analog distortion at your feet.
With a completely new circuit design and specially-tuned EQ section, the Super Badass delivers unparalleled versatility for players who want a more personalized distortion sound.

Its highly responsive Distortion control covers a full spectrum, from early ’70s low gain overdrive to modern high gain saturation and every shade of dirt in between.

Once you’ve dialed in your desired crunch level, you can use the Bass, Mid, and Treble controls to finely sculpt your sound.

The Super Badass Distortion features true bypass switching and comes ready for the road with the sturdy housing and durable components that MXR is known for.
Specifications in short:
– 100% Analog
– Unparalleled tonal versatility
– Highly responsive full spectrum distortion
– Bass, Mid, and Treble controls
– True bypass

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