Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2013

Marshall 1 Watt Offset Amp

Marshall Amplification unveil their new Offset Amp At Musikmesse

Marshall Amplification showed off their new 1 Watt Offset Amp at this year's Frankfurt Musikmesse. The amp was borne out of a request from a distributer and Marshall's Custom Shop have changed the woodwork, metalwork and have designed a new front panel for this cute little number.

It's a one watt amp – similar to their recent 50th Anniversary range – designed to imitate the '60s tone and with an early sixties cosmetic. The 'loudness' knob is also straight out of the sixties too and the tone control offers everything from a glassy full clean up to a crunchy blue tone.

The new model comes with an extension cab, installed with a custom-designed G10F 10" Celestion speaker for a full sound with a smooth break up. There is also a low power switch. 

Marshall opened their books for only one moth of orders for these and then no more would be made – so if you fancy one, we'd suggest a hasty trip to your local music shop…

The Offset will be available in May with an approximate price of around £400-500. The extension cab will be around £150. for more



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