Published On: Mon, Feb 15th, 2010

Listen Carefully

Easy Ear Training’s ‘Relative Pitch’ App will hone your auditory skills helping you towards perfect pitch.

Since Easy Ear Training unveiled their ‘Relative Pitch‘ app in April 2009, it has gone on to become one of the most well recieved iPhone applications available in the Apple Store. This nifty little app is designed to identify chords, intervals, rhythms and other basic elements of music, helping musicians and audio professionals to get the most out of their ears. It’s been rated 5 stars by FIXME users and was featured in the iTunes store for two weeks helping it to reach the top ten in the U.K. and the U.S. amongst other countries. Building on their success, Easy Ear Training has developed an online hub for ear training information and resources with a library of articles and info covering all aspects of the subject as well as a consumer forum for users to share and discuss information as well as giving any advice needed to fully utilize your auditory appendages. They’re planning to expand their range too, with Melody Training Apps, Chord Training Apps, a planned extension of the Relative Pitch App to include multiple instrument support and online training all in the pipeline.

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