Published On: Mon, Jan 14th, 2013

Last Of The Marshall One-Watt Models

Fancy owning a piece of Marshall history? There are still a few limited-edition 50th Anniversary One Watt Amps available in the UK

Marshall has announced that there are a few remaining limited-edition, One Watt valve amplifiers available throughout the UK.

Here's the info from Marshall:

The range was designed and built last year to commemorate Marshall's 50th Anniversary, and production has now concluded so music fans are being advised to snap up their favourite amp from the range while they are still available.
Each of the five amplifiers in the One Watt range has been carefully designed to reflect every decade of Marshall's illustrious history, with tones based on some of their best selling and most loved models from the past fifty years.
The One Watt amps are not only a unique piece of Marshall's rich history but are among the only UK-made Marshall amps that are ideally suited for a normal sized home, making them ideal collectors items and showpieces.
'We felt this was a wonderful way to commemorate the 50 amazing years we've been in business,' explains Marshall's Managing Director, Jon Ellery.
'We're really proud of the range, for several reasons. They are British-made here in our factory in Milton Keynes, and their limited availability means they're certain to become collector%u2019s items for everyone who uses or appreciates the Marshall brand.'
Although each amplifier is unique, every model in the One Watt range has been available as both a one watt combo incorporating an 8 or 10 inch Celestion speaker and a one watt head. Other features include 8 Ohm and 16 Ohm speaker outputs on the heads and combos, as well as era-correct cosmetic details, a commemorative rear panel plaque and a unique low power switch.
Here's the specs for the One Watt Range
'The 1960s model, the JTM1, commemorates the decade in which Marshall Amplification was born and is designed to reflect the origins of the company. It's the simplest amp in the range in terms of layout but still features all the warmth, brashness and bite players would expect in an amp from this decade.'
'The 1970s model is the JMP1 and reflects the decade that will forever be remembered for its impact on rock music. Featuring a tone that has more gain than the previous JTM1, the JMP1 is ideal for everything from big rhythm to searing lead for fans of 1970's rock.
'The powerful JCM1 commemorates the 1980s, a decade in which Marshall released their popular JCM800 model. Still widely considered today as one of the best amps in the world, its quintessential 80s tone has inspired the JCM1.'
'The 1990s are commemorated with the DSL1, reflecting the more modern technology that emerged during this era. The DSL1 is based on Marshall's JCM2000 Dual Super Lead which was launched in 1996. It takes players from a resonant clean to a classic high gain lead sound at the press of a switch.
And finally, the JVM1 commemorates the 2000s with a style based on Marshall's current flagship amp, the JVM. The most modern take on Marshall tone, the JVM1 contains more gain than the other amps in the range, along with its own harder edged character.
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