Published On: Mon, Nov 28th, 2011

Jimi Hendrix App

Experience Jimi Hendrix celebrate Jimi’s birthday with the release of a new Hendrix App.

Described by Experience Hendrix as ‘Your backstage pass to explore and learn the music, life and career of the lgendary Jimi Hendrix’, the new App offers a chance to find out everything you ever needed to know about the ‘Greatest Guitarist Of All TIme’.

There’s a youtube demo here

Features include:

Explore the interactive chapters of Jimi’s legacy featuring immersive text, images, and videos. With each update comes more content, so keep current on all the latest releases as the Hendrix story builds.
Flip through the full collection of Hendrix’s albums; playing iTunes clips or the full song from your library.
Read about documentaries, live performances, and other films about Hendrix with the option to download from iTunes.
Learn about some of the most significant venues Hendrix played during his career. Watch video clips and photos from these sold out performances where Hendrix defined himself and his legacy.
Lens Check out music videos, live performances, film excerpts, and more from the video lens.
Photos Lens View the pictures highlighted throughout the application all presented in one location. The photos are scattered on the stage floor – toss the photos around on the screen, resize, rotate, and maximize.
Music Lens
Listen to iTunes clips or full library songs from the Hendrix collection and share songs through Twitter and Facebook. Use Airplay to launch the Music Lens to your Apple TV.
Locations Lens
Explore the world of Hendrix through maps and an interactive passport to find key places of significance to Hendrix. Automatically be notified if you are passing by a Hendrix landmark and get a stamp in your virtual passport by visiting the location.All the info at



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