Published On: Wed, Aug 27th, 2014

Haze Guitars Release Truss Rods Made Easy e-Book.

Haze Guitars have released an amazingly helpful e-book ‘Truss Rods Made Easy’ The guide is available as a free ebook download from Haze Guitars and explores the intricacies of truss rod operation and adjustment. Read on for more details and download the guide here.





Press Release: Haze Guitars Releases eBook: Truss Rods Made Easy

Haze Guitars announced the release of the first Haze Guitars Guide: Truss Rods Made Easy. This guide—available as a free ebook download from Haze Guitars—lays to rest the mystery and misinformation that plagues the subject of truss rod operation and adjustment.

“I’m always surprised that so many players are happy to work on any other part of their guitars, but are nervous of ever touching the truss rod,” said Gerry Hayes, author of the book and owner of Haze Guitars. “It really doesn’t have to be so hard.”

Truss Rods Made Easy teaches the reader about the different types of truss rod and how they work; the symptoms of common problems; how to measure neck relief easily and cheaply; how to safely adjust a truss rod and what to do with an uncooperative rod.

“I wrote this to be accessible and fun while still being crammed full of all the information needed to really understand the topic,” said Hayes. “It’s the first in a planned series, and I’m really looking forward to expanding these.”

Truss Rods Made Easy is available in both PDF and iBooks formats from



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