Published On: Thu, Apr 8th, 2010

Gwyn Ashton Signature

Liutart Guitars unveil the new Gwyn Ashton Signature

Italian luthiers, Liutart Guitars have released a new Gwyn Ashton signature guitar

As well as combining Ashton’s favourite body parts from the Stratocaster, Telecaster and P-Bass, the new guitar also houses a Bigsby bridge with Tele Lead (bridge) lipstick (centre) and P-90 (neck) pickups.

The body is a loud metallic green with a pearl guard and the neck is a left-handed Tele Neck with no tapering (1″ all the way), embellished with low set pearl inlays.

See Liutart‘s site for more!

Or watch Gwyn’s new video on YouTube:



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