Published On: Mon, Oct 22nd, 2012

Guitar Classics DIY Amps & Pedals Bible is on sale now!

Our new DIY Amps and Pedals Bible offers a great range of fantastic DIY projects to help get the most out of your playing

The DIY Amps & Pedals Bible is an exciting new addition to our Guitar Classics series.

In the shops and available to buy online now, this 132-page issue is overflowing with articles, projects and features on how you can fix, build and improve amps and pedals.

While you can lead a fine guitar-playing existence just by knowing that pushing this button or turning this knob leads to this sound, there’s much more to be gained by obtaining a greater understanding of how amps and pedals work.

For a start, there are plenty of things you can fix or modify easily without having a PhD in Electronics.

And there’s plenty for those who want to dig deeper ‘under the bonnet’, and go on to projects that require a little bit more time, effort and expertise.

We want you to enjoy your gear and the fruits of your labour. Even if you don’t intend to ever do a particular project, we hope that by expanding your knowledge on how things work, the all-new DIY Amps and Pedals Bible will enrich your love of guitar playing and make it seem even more magical.

Articles include: How Amps WorkWho's got a Vox AC30?DIY Pedals and Preamps, Transistor WorkshopStompbox PowerProject Pedalboard and Here Comes The Fuzz. 

The new issue of Guitar Classics is on sale now in WH Smith High St stores and WHS Travel, Easons in Ireland and a range of independent stores.  

It will be available overseas in around a month’s time.  

But if you can’t wait, order online today and get the issue delivered direct to your door – or call 01795 414877 ( 44 1795 414877 outside UK).



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