Published On: Thu, Aug 21st, 2014

Guitar & Bass Classics – Fender Stratocaster Bible

Guitar & Bass Classics – Fender Stratocaster Bible is on sale now, this latest addition to the Guitar & Bass Classics series is positively overflowing with features, reviews and workshops on the world’s most popular electric guitar.

Within this 132-page special issue you’ll find an in-depth history of the Stratocaster as it celebrates its 60th anniversary. We also go into forensic detail just how and why Leo Fender got it right on the money when he created the Strat. Throw in more fine guitars (both old and new) than is strictly healthy, as well as exhaustive profiles on Strat-playing legends such as Eric Clapton and Buddy Holly – to name but two – and it all adds up to a veritable feast for six-string lovers around the world.

The new issue of Guitar Classics is on sale now in WH Smith High St stores and WHS Travel, Easons in Ireland and a range of independent stores. It will be available overseas in around a month’s time. But if you can’t wait, order online today and get the issue delivered direct to your door – or call 01795 414877 (+44 1795 414877 outside UK).

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