Published On: Mon, Feb 3rd, 2014

Guitar and Bass Classics – Guitar Recording Bible

The latest issue of Guitar and Bass Classics is on sale now – the Guitar Recording Bible is the ultimate guide to recording your instrument, including mixing, mastering, microphones and much more…



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There was a time when no guitar player – regardless of their status – had any real control over how their parts were laid down. It was the job of technicians (sometimes actually wearing white coats) to make all the pertinent judgements as to how they would sound on vinyl. Over the years, thankfully, technological advances mean that musicians can now make their own choices regarding every aspect of their sound.

This kind of power, however, means a lot more decisions to make and things to learn – and that’s where this Guitar Recording Bible comes in. Just to be clear, although we dip a toe into digital technology here and there, this publication has an unashamed bias towards what is now considered to be ‘old-school’ ways. For example, the importance of the recording room, microphone placement, and even recording to tape are all covered in these pages. It’s not that we’re against that new-fangled technology; we just feel that learning the basic principles (as well as plenty of top-notch industry secrets) will stand guitar players in good stead…


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