Published On: Mon, Jan 11th, 2010

Gibson Get Tiger-ish

Gibson release their new Dusk Tiger

After tantalising us with glimpses of the new Dusk Tiger, Gibson has finally revealed the new guitar in its full glory – and it turns out essentially to be an upgrade of the Dark Fire Digital/Robot instrument launched a year ago. All the problems and complaints levelled at the Dark Fire have been ironed out; this guitar promises to offer much faster automatic tuning with a whole host of extra tone options via infinitely more intuitive onboard controls. Instead of batteries, this guitar can be charged from the mains or run off a power lead – but it’s still one of the lightest electrics in the Gibson catalogue. They insist it offers genuine analogue tone and build quality is of the highest standards, yet according to Gibson it will also be cheaper. There will only be 1000 made, and retail outlets outside the US will be given just five guitars each to sell.
Until now you had to go to the Custom Shop to get an Angus Young SG, and then it came with the unpopular vibrato system. Now Angus’s ’68 SG has been released with a stop tailpiece in the more affordable USA range, and there will be 500 reliced versions available from the Custom Shop for those who require that extra bit of authenticity. Other new guitars for 2010 include the Buckethead signature featuring an oversized chambered body, ebony fingerboard and two kill switches.



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