Published On: Fri, Jun 12th, 2009


Learn how to sound like Jon Fratelli from the Fratellis, with tips on how to re-create his sound using a Fender Telecaster and learn recording tips to immitate sounds from the album ‘Costello Music’

The Sound
“I like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page for the riffs and – as uncool as it sounds – David Gilmour. But nobody really influenced me,” says guitarist/frontman Jon Fratelli. “People might say a specific bit sounds like this band or person, but they shouldn’t be able to claim that any two songs sound the same.”

The Gear
“Bright and loud” is how Jon describes his trusty Fender Telecaster through a Fender Twin Reverb partnership. A well-placed hoof kicks in a Boss Blues Drive and Mega Distortion when that “that bit extra” is required. A Gibson J-200 performs acoustic duties.

In The Studio
The Fratellis decamped to LA to record album ‘Costello Music‘ with producer Tony Hoffer (Belle & Sebastian, Beck). ” I learned so much about recording guitars from Tony,” says Jon. “You get a huge sound by recording through two amps in one go and blending the sound. If you want to double up guitars, don’t record the same sound twice; you’ll sound like you’re playing through a chorus pedal. And when it comes to acoustics, don’t put the mic too close, just let it hang a bit over the top of the soundhole.”

On The Stage
“Everything’s louder, faster and edgier live. Don’t try to recreate the recorded versions live; what’s the point? I can just about handle playing the guitar parts and singing but that gives the whole thing a sense of danger. If I fuck it up live I just laugh. Half the people are too drunk to notice or care!”

“I shouldn’t be the lead guitar player in a band. I’ve worked really hard at my guitar playing. I know the notes but I lose my way sometimes, so I’m really proud of the solo I did on ‘Got Ma Nuts From A Hippy‘ and the bit at the end of ‘Ol’ Black ‘n’ Blue Eyes‘.”

Best Trick
“Write songs with rockabilly rhythms. Once they’re written it’s really easy to change the style of them to make the songs sound different from each other. And if you’re the only guitarist in a three-piece play really loud.”



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