Published On: Thu, Mar 13th, 2014

Frankfurt Musikmesse 2014: Blutsturz Amp Head

Palmer Musical Instruments are currently displaying a brand new amp head at this years Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Blutsturz – the space-age looking piece of kit is a class A bass amp head

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The “Blutsturz” is a Class A amp head, equipped with a seemingly modest KT120 end tube that achieves an impressive 20 W amplifier power. It offers a consciously Spartan single-channel circuit with controls for Gain, Tone and Master Volume, immense flexibility and a full range of organic amp sounds. Two switchable amplification stages enable all bases to be covered: from clean to a crunchy, harmonically rich amplifier distortion, up to the ultimate Heavy Metal sound.

For direct recording on stage and in the studio, a PDI09, the almost legendary Palmer speaker simulator, is integrated in the “Blutsturz”, which, naturally, can also be switched off. On top of this, the amp has been fitted with its own dummy load, should you decide to use it without speakers. The simulated signal is applied to a balanced XLR output.

The effects loop of the “Blutsturz” can be activated by a footswitch or taken pure from the signal path. Thus, all looped effects can be switch on and off, with just a kick. Last but not least, the “porthole” also deserves a special mention. The large, round window shows the amplifier Gain and mid distortion in colour, highlighting the unique concept of the “Blutsturz”.

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