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Epiphone Celebrate 140th Anniversary With Ultra III Giveaway

Epiphone are celebrating their 140th anniversary this year and what better way to celebrate than by giving away one of the coolest Les Paul’s ever made – the Les Paul Ultra III


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Epiphone are ending their year of celebration in style with this giveaway, also during the whole of December fans can visit to enter for a chance to win a new Epiphone Les Paul Special II and a copy of Rocksmith 2014 – the innovative new game/virtual guitar training tool that is proving increasingly popular and has now taught over a million people around the world how to play their Epiphone guitar.

Exciting stuff indeed – read on for the full press release!



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Press Release
Nashville, TN, December 2, 2013 – Throughout 2013, Epiphone has celebrated its 140th Anniversary by giving fans the opportunity to win new and classic instruments from its critically acclaimed lineup. This December, Epiphone is closing out the year in style by giving away one of the most exciting Les Pauls ever made – a Les Paul Ultra III.

“The Les Paul Ultra III has everything a guitarist could want in a single instrument,” said Jim Rosenberg, President of Epiphone. “The Ultra III has two kinds of classic pickups, an on-board tuner, stereo and USB outputs and the ability to be played through an amp or a computer to maintain that Les Paul sound. Les had the opportunity to play an Ultra III and loved it, and that sentiment continues to be shared by guitar players worldwide today.”

The Les Paul is among the most recognized and valued electric guitars in the world and the Ultra III has key features that set it apart from other electric guitars. The body of the Ultra III has an AAA Flame Maple Veneer top and a chambered Mahogany body with a belly scarf for comfort. The combination of the Maple top and the Mahogany body gives the Les Paul a remarkable range of tones – a light, feathery acoustic sound to the world-famous rock crunch that has powered hits for five decades.

To accent those tones, the Les Paul Ultra-III features two Epiphone ProBucker™ humbuckers and a Shadow NanoMag™ low impedance pickup – a favorite of Les Paul. Both pickup systems help give the Ultra III more tonal range than any Les Paul, old or new.

The Ultra III has an Epiphone ProBucker™-2 humbucker in the neck position and a ProBucker™-3 in the bridge position, wound for a slightly hotter sound much like vintage hand-wound humbuckers. Epiphone ProBucker™ pickups are patterned after Gibson’s famous BurstBuckers™ and feature authentic 18 percent nickel silver base and cover, Elektrisola wire, accurate bobbins, slugs and screws, and sand casted Alnico-II magnets for that classic “Patent Applied For” airy tone that defines rock ‘n’ roll. Epiphone ProBucker pickups were proven to be an overall fan favorite during the recent “The ProBucker™ Challenge,” a blind-test held during Epiphone’s 140th anniversary party.

The Ultra III’s second pickup system features Shadow™ Germany’s patented NanoMag™ pickup, which is embedded discretely at the end of the fingerboard. The NanoMag™ has three Samarium Cobalt magnets along with an air coil and active electronics. The low-impedance pickup captures all the Les Paul’s subtle body acoustics and string harmonics. When combined with the Ultra III’s ProBucker pickups, players can pull off powerful humbucker-driven rock crunch as well as shimmering acoustic-like tones with the same intensity without switching guitars or amps.

Along with its notable pickup selection, the Ultra III features a full-function chromatic tuner that is built separately into the bridge pickup mounting ring. The tuner includes 11 easy-to-see color-coded LED’s that identify whether the note is sharp, flat, or in-tune.

To allow quick and seamless changes between each pickup system, the Ultra-III’s NanoMag Volume control also doubles as an A/B switch. Just push it in for quick toggling between magnetic, NanoMag or both pickup systems without delay or “pop.” Two additional LED’s on the pickup mounting ring provide a visual indicator as to which pickup system is active with red indicating NanoMag, blue indicating magnetic and red/blue indicating both.

The Ultra-III features three different outputs. By using the standard ¼” MONO output, both the humbuckers and NanoMag pickups are mixed into one signal. When plugging another ¼” cable into the Ultra III’s STEREO output, the humbuckers are routed through one cable and the NanaMag the other. In this way, players can send the ProBuckers to their favorite guitar amp and the NanoMag to the PA or an acoustic guitar amp. Using the A/B switch, players can now change “on-the-fly” between the two outputs. The third output is for a USB cable. Using the USB cable included, users can plug directly into the computer and use guitar applications such as Native Instruments GuitarRig ™ 4LE (software included, downloadable from to play through a variety of simulated amplifiers and effects while listening through computer speakers or headphones. GuitarRig also features a recorder, a metronome, a tuner and more.

Visit today to learn more about the Ultra III and to enter Epiphone’s Les Paul Ultra III giveaway. Winners will be announced January 2, 2014.



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