Published On: Tue, May 22nd, 2012


Our DIY Bible offers a wide range of superb DIY projects to get your teeth into

As some of our readers may well know, there’s nothing quite like the pleasure of strumming a guitar that you’ve built, fixed or customised yourself.

This is where our new DIY Electric Guitar Bible comes in!

With our collection of articles and projects we take you through the problems and challenges you may face as a guitar owner and player, from the basics like cleaning and upkeep through to some advanced techniques including restoration, hotwiring and starting from scratch.

Articles include: The Best Ways To Upgrade Your Guitar, Fret Fixing, Hollowbody Electrics, Strat Mods, Build Your Own Electric, Recreate Rory Gallagher's Strat and many, many more!

While everything between the covers of this special edition is designed to further your understanding of the six-string and how to make the most of it, there's also our Firin’ Flying V feature where we show you how a team of experts made one famous guitarist's dreams come true with a flaming hot Flying V! (Please don't  try this at home!)

Open the door to your own personal guitar workshop with our help!

Available in WH Smiths UK, Barnes & Noble USA and across Europe now (Australia/Rest of World from mid-June) – or direct at




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