Published On: Wed, May 5th, 2010
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Brian May Says B****cks for Blood Sports

Queen guitar legend Brian May goes all Jeremy Paxman and gets celebrities to support the fox-hunting ban

brian may

Rock legends from around the world have joined Queen guitarist, Brian May, to say ‘B****cks to the Economy’ in a bid to make the issue of fox-hunting and blood sports visible in the political agenda in the run-up to next week’s election.

Musical wizards Francis Rossi, Joe Elliott, Tony Iommi and Taylor Hawkins have joined a host of other celebrities for the tongue-in-cheek video that pokes fun at the three Party leaders’ failure to get to grips with the economy and calls on the public to use their vote to support the fox-hunting ban.

‘B****cks to the Economy’ forms part of Brian May’s ‘Save Me’ campaign to prevent the return of legalised blood sports in the British countryside.

Brian May said: “This video is meant to be fun, but of course there is a serious message behind it. It’s incredible how many people have no idea that David Cameron and his gang stand for the brutality of hunting with dogs, and are intent on repealing the Hunting Act “as a priority” if they are elected.. Fox-hunting and other blood sports have no place in today’s society and, in the Save Me campaign, we’re asking people to make their vote count to keep it this way.”

‘B****cks to the Economy’



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