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Guitar and Bass Magazine – Vol 2 No 5 is On Sale Now

The new issue of Guitar and Bass magazine is on sale now.

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Fender’s desire to satisfy the needs of as many guitarists as possible is to be applauded, and few would argue that plenty of choice is a good thing. However, having a plethora of Stratocasters to choose from can make pondering a potential purchase a much more involved experience. In an attempt to help you select the right Fender Stratocaster for you, this month’s cover feature goes through a mix of various models in the range, suggesting why you would want to buy one in particular instead of any of the others, and revealing when it might be worth spending some more money to trade up in models – or worth saving a few quid on a more cost-effective guitar.

And the reviews don’t just stop there; gear from Gibson, Washburn and Roland – to name but three – are also within these pages for your delectation.   Quality interviews with Michael Schenker and Luther Dickinson are provided for your entertainment, whilst the opportunity to have a gander at Steve Rothery’s guitar collection isn’t one to be passed up. Finally, my Anthem Publishing colleagues inform me we are running a January sale, offering you the chance to save money with all kinds of juicy offers. Who am I to stop you from saving some of your hard-earned, so please turn to page 84 of the issue to check out what works for you…
The Great Strat Roundup
It’s the curvy classic that can do it all, depending on the pickups of course. But will a budget model deliver the delicious sounds and slinky feel of a high-end job? Grabbing nine current Strats with prices ranging from a couple of hundred quid up to well over a thousand, Richard Purvis sets out on a voyage of twang
This month we sit and chat with country blues star Luther Dickinson, We hear the doctrine of the Temple of Rock with Michael Schenker and Aaron Moreland talks cigarbox mojo, robust bottleneck blues-rock and nail salon protocol
We review the Gibson Luther Dickinson ES-335, Washburn Parallaxe, Gartone Regal 15, Roland Cube 40GX and many more…
Marillion’s  Steve Rothery introduces us to a progressive haul of guitars and effects while Sid Bishop looks into the collectability of vintage basses and classic amplifiers.

Plus much more in the new issue of Guitar and Bass Magazine, on sale now!

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