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Guitar and Bass Magazine – Vol 25 No 4 is On Sale Now

The new issue of Guitar and Bass Magazine is on sale now!


As much as the Stratocaster is considered by many to be the definitive electric guitar. It’s inevitable that throughout its long history it’s fallen out of fashion at times/ Eventually a new generation comes along to take advantage of the Strat’s famed versatility and use it to stamp their own mark on music history. That certainly was the case back in the 1960s and this month ‘s cover story goes deep into the reasons why – as well as chronicling the Strat’s development as an instrument and finding out what kind of new music it inspired.

In our reviews section this month the latest contestants to undergo a thorough Guitar and Bass test include offerings from Epiphone, Takamine, Yamaha and TC Electronic. Plus we have interviews with legends Martin Barre, Leslie West and Joe Bonamassa, workshops and plenty of droolsome vintage lovelinesss to sustain us all for the next month. Have wonderful guitar-playing existences one and all, and we hope you enjoy this issue!

Sixties Stratocasters
By the mid 60’s the Strat was seen as a clean, polite guitar, far from the fire-breathing weapon craved by the new generation of blues fans. Before long, though, it would be brought back to the forefront by the best exponent of the electric guitar the world had ever seen. Michael Heatley has the story in our Strats in the 60s cover story!

This month we sit down and chat with modern blues guitar legend Joe Bonamassa, the giant of guitar Leslie West and Martin Barre tells us about his new solo acoustic project.

We review Epiphone’s new ‘horny beast’ – the limited edition 1966 G-400 pro, plus new gear from TC Electronics, Michael Kelly’s Vibe, the Matamp GT2 amp plus many more…

We chat with former Paul McCartney and Tom Jones guitarist Robbie Mackintosh and peruse his vast arsenal of six-strings, Phil Harris’s mission continues to develop as a player with the help of some trusty old instruments and we inspect some retro-Gretsches in Future Proof Part III

Plus much more in the new issue of Guitar and Bass Magazine, on sale now!

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