Published On: Mon, Nov 11th, 2013

Guitar and Bass Magazine – Vol 25, No 3

Where did that year go? It seems like only the other week we were arguing and fighting over… erm, we mean ‘sensibly discussing’ the contenders for the 2012 Gear Of The Year Awards. But having gone through all the guitars, amps and other assorted goodies, it looks as though it’s been another fine year. The sheer amount of quality equipment released led to us facing plenty of hard choices, but – as always – we hope the gear we’ve selected as worthy of rosettes helps you make some great purchasing decisions…

Gear of the Year
The best gear of 2013! And if checking out our Gear Of The Year selections doesn’t provide you with enough eye candy, then have no fear; not only is there a bumper Private Collection, there’s also a plethora of famous instruments in our Rock Star Guitars article to get your guitar-lovin’ chops salivating. In addition, Phil Harris ponders the problems of establishing a vintage guitar’s exact history – especially when a famous player is connected with the instrument. Enjoy the issue…

We sit down with Moot The Hoople’s strident guitarist Mick Ralphs to discuss DIY modifications and his love affair with guitars. We also feature the story of one photographer’s mission to snap 108 special guitars. Last, but not least, Dream Theater’s John Petrucci reveals the records that rearranged his synapses forever.

Contemplating a new gear arrival? Well, feel free to peruse, investigate or simply just read our reviews on the latest offerings from the likes of Fender, Orange, Freshman before you put splash the cash…

The right provenance can turn any guitar into an iconic instrument worth a mint. Phil Harris tells of star guitars he has known and owned. And this month’s Private Collection features everything from heavenly jazzers to gorgeous Gibsons

Plus much more in the new issue of Guitar and Bass Magazine, on sale now!

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