Published On: Tue, Jul 1st, 2014

Guitar & Bass Magazine Vol 25 No 12 Is On Sale Now!

The new issue of Guitar and Bass magazine is on sale Friday 1st August, this month we’ve got a guide to that highly fraught topic – prematurely ageing guitars!

This month we put the spotlight on the debate regarding prematurely aging guitars. The rights and wrongs of these processes have been forcefully argued in our letters pages for quite some time, and almost every player we’ve talked to has strong feelings on the subject. So we asked our guitar-modding guru Huw Price to look at all sides of the argument as well as provide his own insights into the pros and cons. It’s not a topic that’s likely to go away any time soon, and we look forward to your thoughts on the matter.

Away from the politics of old-looking guitars, new offerings from the likes of Two-Rock, Fender and Freshman are just some of the delights under scrutiny in this month’s reviews section. When it comes time to get yourself some vintage, Phil Harris, Sid Bishop and this month’s Private Collection are there to cater for your needs….

Plus much more in the new issue of Guitar and Bass Magazine, on sale now!

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