Published On: Thu, May 1st, 2014

Guitar and Bass Magazine Volume 25 No 9 Is On Sale Now!

The latest issue of Guitar and Bass magazine is on sale Friday May 2nd, and this month we’re exploring how vibratos transformed the electric guitar with a history of whammy!



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If the first guitar you ever tried had some kind of vibrato or whammy bar on it, I’d bet good money that it didn’t take you very long to try it out. Do you remember the fun you had just bending random notes? Don’t say it was just me. Please. Such nostalgia aside, the use of vibrato has been one of the defining characteristics of the electric guitar for so long that we decided the story of it was worthy of your attention. It’s a story that spans the genres and the generations, and it’s a fine, fine tale to be told.

After 14 studio albums Joe Satriani looks back over a career that’s taken in everything from Mick Jagger to techno. Johnny Winter recalls playing with BB King, Muddy Waters, Mike Bloomfield and more… LA session great Waddy Wachtel weighs in with vintage Les Paul stories and tips for studio survival.

The latest offerings from Danelectro, Orange and Vox are just a tasty trio of reviews we have in store for your gear-lovin’ eyeballs. G-G-G-G-Go!!

With this issue, you can fix those hums and buzzes that corrupt your sound. You can also resurrect that old nylon-string guitar you bought in a charity shop. Once you’ve done that, we dare you to try playing the kind of prog guitar that this issue’s workshop teaches you – although feel free to use a normal one, if you so wish…


Plus much more in the new issue of Guitar and Bass Magazine, on sale now!

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