Published On: Fri, Apr 4th, 2014

Guitar and Bass Magazine Volume 25 No 8 Is Out Now!

The latest issue of Guitar and Bass magazine is on sale Friday April 4th, and this month we’re exploring the first great reissue – the Gibson Les Paul Reborn!

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When the Gibson Les Paul got its mojo back. Is the Line 6 Amplifi the shape of amps to come? Find out in our reviews sections, which is filled to the rafters with gear. In our vintage section this month, we’ve got Sid Bishop and Phil Harris in top form, as well as a sterling Private Collection. And, given that it’s now for British Summer Time here in Blighty (you can make your own jokes about the state of the weather) it’s the perfect time to get yourself in axe-ready shape with our article on how to get guitar-fit.

The force of rock nature that is Zakk Wylde returns with a new album and a rather interesting fellow guitar player. South London royalty, Glenn Tilbrook, on his love of oddball instruments and his long-time songwriting partnership with Chris Difford. Finally, ex-Police chief Andy Summers is back with a project both progressive and rocking. We talk Strats, Les Pauls and Teles and discuss Summer’s new band.

A Starcaster-inspired, semi-solid, a single-cut Bigsby-boasting beauty and a truly lovable six-string capable of crazy soundscapes? Sounds intriguing? Well, check out this issue’s reviews section to check these guitars out and more…

Get yourself in the best playing shape with our guide to getting guitar fit. Never fear a triad again with our guitar drills. In our vintage section, Phil Harris ponders which guitars should stay with him, Sid Bishop is back with another buying guitar, whilst Lars Mullen talks to another guitar-crazy fella in this issue’s Private Collection.c

Plus much more in the new issue of Guitar and Bass Magazine, on sale now!

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