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Guitar and Bass Magazine – Vol 25 No 6 Is On Sale Now

The latest issue of Guitar and Bass magazine is on sale Friday Feb 7th, and this month we’re exploring single pickup electrics…

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Keeping things simple has been the philosophy of many guitar players and guitar makers over the years. And what could be more ‘to the bone’ than a single-pickup guitar? As this issue’s cover story shows, not only was the solitary coil a crucial part of the electric guitar’s development, but players such as Leslie West, Johnny Thunders and Malcolm Young have proved the potency of going it alone in the pickup stakes. It makes for a fascinating tale that takes twists and turns in unexpected places.

That said, our cover feature isn’t the only delight to be found within these pages; some prime gear, including a new Martin acoustic, gets the G&B review treatment. The one and only Albert Lee is just one of the stars to take some quality time to talk to us, and there’s a bunch of vintage, workshop and tuition articles to sink your eyeballs into.


Sole Survivors – Single Pickup Guitars

At the dawn of the electric age one pickup was all you got, but then came the ’50s and ’60s with switching choices aplenty. Is there still a place for a guitar with the bare minimum of electronics, reflecting everything back on the skills of the player? Michael Heatley thinks there is as we trace the evolution…


This month we sit down with the guitarist’s guitarist Albert Lee who talks Clapton, chicken pickin’ and turning 70, Stephen Dale Petit tells us about his mission to keep the blues contemporary and we interview left-fireld guitar hero in the making David Tattersall.


A range of new reviews this month, including the Schecter 6 FR Active, the rocking Fret-King Black Label Espirit I, Gibson’s EB Bass and the Yerasov FX Pedals


This month Skindred’s southpaw riff merchant Mikey Demus shows off his much-modded and rattle-canned menagerie while Sid Bishop looks back at the equiptment that served his stage needs throughout his formative gigging days.

Plus much more in the new issue of Guitar and Bass Magazine, on sale now!

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