Published On: Fri, Jun 6th, 2014

Guitar and Bass Magazine Volume 25 Issue 10 is On Sale Now!

The latest issue of Guitar and Bass magazine is on sale now!, and this month we’re exploring the top 25 ways to upgrade your Stratocaster



Under the right circumstances, we’re not frightened of being called ‘old-fashioned’. This month’s cover story was born from a lot of guitar players’ experiences. You love your Fender Strat, but in some ways – maybe the sound, or the playability – it isn’t quite cutting it. You could get yourself another guitar; that’s a perfectly fine option. However, what if you love your current Strat so much you’d rather keep playing that one? That’s where our cover story comes in. If you’ve ever done anything to your guitar yourself, you’ll know how sweet the feeling is, and our suggestions for upgrades are designed to inspire you to go and get that feeling again. Trust us, it can really raise your love of guitar-playing to new levels.

This Month…

Improve your Stratocaster! Is Crafter’s new anniversary acoustic worth celebrating? Does the G&L Fallout light up the budget electric guitar market? For the vintage inclined, there’s reviews, recommendations, a report on the state of the left-handed market – plus one of the best bass collections around. Through in some prog rock tuition and a lot of other guitar-based loveliness and we hope it satiates your string-driven lust for an entire month. If it doesn’t you can always check out our website – – to tide you over until the next issue.


John Mayall may have 80 years on the clock, but the godfather of Brit blues informs G&B that he’s still a dedicated road warrior. From Small Faces to Slim Chance, Ronnie Lane became one of Britain’s most best-loved musicians – we remember the man and appreciate his legacy. We also spend quality time with King of the ‘winebox’ guitar, Babajack’s Trevor Steger, who returns with his mojo well and truly intact.


We run the rule over Blackstar’s ID:Core, an eclectic couple of Burns Guitars – including one for all you Hank fans out there – as well as offerings from Crafter, Hamstead Soundworks, Dod and Sandberg, amongst others…


If the cover feature this month isn’t enough to improve your guitar-livin’ existence we suggest your get your callouses around the latest prog-rock workshop and, as well as a finger-flexing major arpeggio workout. It’ll be worth it, we promise you…


Plus much more in the new issue of Guitar and Bass Magazine, on sale now!

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