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TC Electronic HOF Mini Reverb Review

This brand-new micro-sized TC could be good for the space-strapped player who needs just one reverb sound. Review by Marcus Leadley

HOF mini-reverb-front

Description: Teeny-weenie programmable reverb pedal, made in Denmark. Download TonePrint reverbs using you mobile phone or connect and edit using a computer.
Price: £159
Contact: TC Electronic –

Input, output, a stomp switch and a single knob – the new Hall Of Fame Mini reverb all looks incredibly simple, until you spot the USB port. This pedal is ‘TonePrint enabled’, and though the HOF Mini comes ready-loaded with a single large hall reverb, there are number of ways you can change this sound. First, you download the TonePrint app to your Android or iPhone; second, choose one of the TonePrints (either basic, or celebrity-styled by the likes of Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert or Steve Morse); third, select the one you fancy hearing and transfer the algorithm to the pedal simply by holding your phone near a pickup. Alternatively, you can plug the pedal into a computer and do the same thing over USB.

You can download all the default sounds of the original, full size, Hall Of Fame reverb pedal and for more flexibility you can also play with the reverb’s parameters using the TonePrint software, and then load your modifications into the pedal.

The HOF Mini’s default reverb is basically a nice, warm large hall reverb that gets a bit chorussy when you wind the knob up: it’s super-clean and good for doing Bill Frisell impersonations. A lot of the celebrity reverbs tend to be a bit, well, grand. The basic halls, plates, springs and rooms are generally more useful, and the added ability to edit means you can basically tailor the sound to your needs. The type of guitar reverb you choose for a track does a lot to define the era you’re trying to conjure up, so if you like retro rock’n’roll or ’80s stadium ambiences then the HOF Mini can deliver the goods on all fronts.

Who is this pedal aimed at? The more fully-featured, larger format Hall Of Fame pedal has 10 presets on board and an eleventh patch for your download sound, and it’s clearly aimed at the reverb aficionado who likes to work with different spaces in the live or recording environment. The HOF Mini seems to have been designed for someone with a very clear idea of a single extra reverb they want as an alternative to a basic amp reverb, or someone whose amp doesn’t have reverb at all.

It certainly works in both situations, and TC Electronics reverbs have a very good reputation, so the price is pretty good for a basic pro reverb. The connectivity and editability are both clever and well-implemented, but changing basic sounds takes a lot longer than simply twisting a knob. So for the live player the HOF Mini is basically the same as an amp reverb: on/off, more/less. If that’s what you’re looking for, it certainly does the job. TC Electronic also seems to have a type of player in mind for whom ‘pedalboard real estate’ is at a premium. Certainly, this unit has a very tiny footprint, but if space is so limited you could argue that it’s simply time to build a new pedalboard.

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