Spanish Armada – The Story Of Gibson’s ES-335

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Gibson’s ‘Electric Spanish’ range eventually led to one of history’s greatest guitars ever: the ES-335. Michael Stephens discovers how Gibson’s ES-335 melded the best of archtop classicism with the new world of high-volume electric mayhem, and how a modern classic came to be… Ask any guitarist to name the most classic Gibson, and they’ll More...

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Fender Stratocasters in the 1960s

By the mid-’60s the Strat was seen as a clean, polite guitar, far from the fire-breathing weapon craved by the new generation of blues fans. Before long, though, it would be brought back to the forefront by the More...

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Fender Telecasters – Hip To Be Square

Though out-flashed by the curvy Strat and Jazzmaster, the plank-bodied Telecaster showed that a simple country boy could have a telling role in the 1960s, the Decade Of Love. Dave Hunter has the story The abiding More...

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Recording Your Guitar – Part 3: Loopers

In the third and final part of our recording series Marcus Leadley explores what looping can add to your guitar adventures. Strap yourselves in… Loopers are great for guitarists, because they’re hands-free More...

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Recording Your Guitar – Part 2: Dedicated Recording Devices

In the second part of our new recording series, Marcus Leadley continues his look at the quickest and easiest ways to get your songs and riffs safely archived. It’s time to put those phones and apps away and find More...

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Recording Your Guitar – Part 1: Home Recording

In the first part of this exclusive Guitar & Bass series, Marcus Leadley seeks out the quickest, easiest and most pocket-friendly ways to get ideas down A lot has changed since home recording went mainstream More...

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Rockabilly – The Complete History

Rockabilly remains rebel music, thrilling fans with stripped-down rock’n’roll hollerin’ and a bounty of twanging guitar thrills. From the ’50s to its ever-ongoing ‘revival’, Michael Stephens charts the More...

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Bernie Marsden Interview – Beauty Of The Beast

Add another 1959 Gibson Les Paul to the legend…, Bernie Marsden tells Michael Stephens all about his Beast ’burst, its 2013 Gibson replica and the real truth about that Eric Clapton ‘Beano’ rumour… We More...

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Marshall Amps – The Complete History

The famous Marshall sound was founded upon an amplifier built in a garden shed by a few amateur radio fanatics, and the period until 1968 became the era of the first Marshalls – the classic JTM series. Rob Stockley More...

By Steve Bailey On Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

True Blue – Justin Hayward

The story of Justin Hayward’s career can be told in guitars, from his iconic Gibson 335s to Telecasters to the weird and wonderful Gizmotron. Interview by Steve Bailey Whenever you see Justin Hayward, be More...