Guitar Techniques: Texas Style Blues

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Time to get in line for some basic blues rhythm techniques, courtesy of Stevie Ray Vaughan It’s time to learn a blues rhythm guitar technique, similar to the one used by Stevie Ray Vaughan in Pride And Joy from Texas Flood (1983). It basically consists of a walking bass part on the bass strings punctuated by short open string stabs on the upper More...

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Bass Techniques – Play Like: The Stranglers

They arrived on the DIY punk wave but the Stranglers were a skilled, hard-bitten bunch of musicians with a monster bass player – Jean-Jacques Burnel. Gareth Morgan smells a rat The Stranglers are probably More...

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Guitar Techniques – Play Like: The Ramones

Straight outta Queens like rock’n’roll attack dogs, the Ramones made a debut LP that sparked off the punk revolution. Douglas Noble gets up on the downstroke The Ramones’ 14-song self-titled debut More...

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Bass Techniques – Play Like: Aston Barrett

Melodic, subtle and rooted to the centre of the earth, Aston Barrett’s bass playing lay at the heart of many of Bob Marley and the Wailers’ biggest hits. Gareth Morgan delves into his approach With over More...

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Bass Techniques – Play Like: Stanley Clarke

Released in 1976, School Days combines crazy-ass jazz fusion chops with rock, funk, R&B and great composition. Gareth Morgan examines a bass-player’s monument that still stands today The year 1976 saw More...

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Guitar Techniques – Play Like: Bad Company

Mick Ralphs’ work on Bad Company’s 1974 debut LP mixed great riffs and harmony leads and also employed a very unusual tuning. Douglas Noble explains everything Bad Company’s self-titled 1974 debut album More...

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Guitar Techniques – Play Like: Fleetwood Mac

The first album by Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac showcased a band with swing, subtlety and taste – and it made them stars in the UK. Douglas Noble looks deeper Formed by Peter Green with his former colleagues More...

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Guitar Technique Workshop: Pivotal Influence

We explain how to improve your playing using the ‘pivot’ note method in this Guitar Technique Workshop In this guitar technique workshop we’re looking at a ‘pivot’ method that makes an excellent coordination More...

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By Richard Flynn On Monday, March 11th, 2013

Learn Rockabilly Guitar in 30 Mins

Some top rockabilly guitarists offer their advice on how to play Here's a fantastic video to help you brush up on your rockabilly licks…  More...

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By Huw Price On Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Guitar DIY Workshop: Squier Telecaster Upgrades – Final

Lyndon Jones has a nice Squier partscaster for stage use but it could do with one or two little tweaks to make it perfect. Huw Price takes on the project and shows us how it’s done 8 – PICKGUARD Telecaster More...