Single Coil Pickups – The Power of One

At the dawn of the electric age one pickup was all you got, but then came the ’50s and ’60s with switching choices aplenty. Is there still a place for a guitar with the bare minimum of electronics, More...

Casting Call – The Great Stratocaster Round Up

It’s the curvy classic that can do it all, depending on the pickups of course. But will a budget model deliver the delicious sounds and slinky feel of a high-end job? Grabbing More...

Future Proof – Vintage Amps and Basses

A great guitar needs a great amp, and a great band needs a great bottom end. This month Sid Bishop looks beyond the limelight to investigate collecting guitar amplifiers and More...

Spanish Armada – The Story Of Gibson’s ES-335

gib cherry body

Gibson’s ‘Electric Spanish’ range eventually led to one of history’s greatest guitars ever: the ES-335. Michael Stephens discovers how Gibson’s ES-335 melded the best More...

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Guitar Techniques: Texas Style Blues

Time to get in line for some basic blues rhythm techniques, courtesy of Stevie Ray Vaughan It’s time to learn a blues rhythm guitar technique, similar to the one used by Stevie More...

Bass Techniques – Play Like: The Stranglers

They arrived on the DIY punk wave but the Stranglers were a skilled, hard-bitten bunch of musicians with a monster bass player – Jean-Jacques Burnel. Gareth Morgan smells a More...

Guitar Techniques – Play Like: The Ramones

Straight outta Queens like rock’n’roll attack dogs, the Ramones made a debut LP that sparked off the punk revolution. Douglas Noble gets up on the downstroke The More...

Guitar and Bass Magazine – Vol 25 No 7 is out now!

The latest issue of Guitar and Bass magazine is on sale Friday March 7th, and this month we’re shedding light on the best More...

Guitar and Bass Magazine – Vol 25 No 6 Is On Sale Now

The latest issue of Guitar and Bass magazine is on sale Friday Feb 7th, and this month we’re exploring single More...

Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 16.11.40 VOX Dean Markley String Promo

VOX have unveiled a brand new promo that we simply had to share, read on or CLICK...

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 08.56.11 Fender MLB Stratocaster Range Launched

Fender have launched a new series of Stratocasters – the MLB Strats celebrate the coming together...

Frankfurt Musikmesse 2014: Taylor Guitars 12-string 150e

Taylor have revealed a new model in their popular 100 series at this years Musikmesse in...

PRS SE Custom 24 7-String Review


It’s taken PRS almost 30 years to generate a seven-string guitar, but they’ve done it – and what’s more, More...

Gretsch G5620T Electromatic Center-Block Review

With a brand-new pickup arrangement, a Bigsby and a calming chunk of pine running down the middle, this semi-acoustic aims to..

Fret-King Black Label Espirit I Review

Handsome, quirky and most certainly rock-ready, the affordable Esprit I comes with more sounds hidden away in its single pickup than..

Gibson EB Bass Review

Stylish, practical and very keenly priced, Gibson’s latest solidbody bass raises the eyebrows in more ways More...

Bass Collection Speakeasy Pro 4 Review

If you rue the proliferation of well-worn ’60s designs then you’ll welcome the reappearance of the sleek-looking Bass Collection series, and..

Carvin PB4 Classic Bolt-Neck Bass Review

Carvin’s new generation of basses is led by the PB4, which combines modern features with a trad look – and you..

MXR Custom Shop Phase 99 Review

MXR-CSP099_Phase99 Love phasing? Then why limit yourself to just one when MXR offers two, all crammed into a weeny box. Review by..

Peavey ValveKing Series Review

Peavey gets down and dirty with updates on the ValveKing series that include a brand-new super-compact 20W amp and an updated..

Luther Dickinson Interview – Blues Crossing

Luther Dickinson and the North Mississippi Allstars are going back to their roots with an album dedicated to churning, elemental blues...
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Guitar Workshop – Keep Your Guitar Clean

Are you suffering from gunk? This month we’re lifting the lid on one of the shameful secrets of the guitar world,..

Future Proof – Vintage Amps and Basses

A great guitar needs a great amp, and a great band needs a great bottom end. This month Sid Bishop looks..